The Reietó Story

Sharing the taste of the Mediterranean

Rooted in Spain, Grown from Tradition

Our name is inspired by the Goldcrest, a tiny yet magnificent bird. Known as the king of birds, it is emblematic of the lands where we source our ingredients. The Reietó bird, known as Reyezuelo in Spanish, represents our affection for the landscapes of Catalunya. The Reietó, our little king of foods.

From a small market stall to an international brand

Our mother company, Spanish specialist importer and distributor, Brindisa, first fell in love with the Catalan region and its foods in the 1980s. Since then, we have pioneered a market in the UK, discovering artisan makers, sharing excellent ingredients and celebrating the true taste of Spain. We aspire to share our growing range of plant-based Reietó foods within Spain and Europe.

The finest Spanish olives.

Iconic Reietó Olives
A Celebration of the Mediterranean
Gordal Picante, small tin
Reieto gordal pitted-olives
Brindisa logo

Brindisa & Reietó

Brindisa has been supplying high quality Spanish products, such as gordal olives, to restaurants and delis in the UK since 1988.